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Dual Digital Input Converter 230/110 VAC
Code: GB-CC/

The coupling card or digital input converter is designed to provide an isolated DC output suitable for a PLC input from a 115 or 230 VAC signal. Basically the 115/230 VAC is transformed down to 24 V, rectified, filtered and zener regulated to be 24 VDC. A LED illuminates when the output is high. Two identical circuits are provided in one enclosure. Specifically developed for PLC contact monitoring where 115/230 VAC is used to monitor the contact or switch. This is useful in plants where corrosion and deposits can increase the contact or switch resistance so as to make normal 24 VDC powered monitoring unreliable. The Dual Digital Input Converter provides an isolated, contactless means of producing a 24 VDC PLC input from a 115/230 VAC signal.  Product Details...

Loop Powered 4-20mA Isolator
Code: GB-ISO/1

Low cost process signal isolation. No auxiliary supply needed. Wide input range 0 to 50 mA. Galvanic Isolation.  Product Details...

Process Signal Isolator and Power Supply
Code: GB-ISO/2

Designed to provide a convenient way of powering and isolating process signal inputs. Provides isolated power to two, three or four wire transducers and isolates the resulting measurement signal. Protect the input cards of PLCs while at the same time providing power to the loop providing a high level of system security by isolating and powering each input. In contrast to single power supply systems, should one transducer short the 24 VDC supply, only one measurement is lost and not all of those powered from the common 24 VDC supply.  Product Details...

Precision Process Signal Isolator
Code: GB-ISO/3

Provides three way isolation as well as signal conversion if required. Galvanic isolation between the 24 VDC power supply, the input signal and the output signal ensures complete isolation in 24 VDC powered systems. A DC to DC converter isolates the power supply from both the input and output circuitry. The analogue input signal is converted to a frequency signal which is transformer coupled and thus electrically isolated from the output. This frequency output signal is then demodulated and filtered to produce the desired output signal. All inputs are protected against polarity reversal and spikes.  Product Details...

Code: GB-OPTO/1

Designed to replace the UX154 in function and form. Compact and low cost. Optical isolation of more than 2.5 kV AC RMS. Input voltage 24 VDC (25%). Output switched transistor at 30 VDC up to 0.625 A.  Product Details...

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