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MCI/2 Measurement & Control Interface 230/115VAC

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The Measurement and Control Interface (MCI) provides a powerful interface for doing process control, data acquisition and logging. In its basic form, the MCI is a “dumb” device, i.e. it must be used with a controller of some sort – typically a PC but could be a PLC or any other controlling device. RS232, RS485 and USB interfaces are provided for connecting to the MCI. For applications which may require several data acquisition or control points - up to 32 MCIs can be can be multi-dropped on one pair of twisted wires at a distance of up to 1,000 meters.
2 MW DC arc furnace monitoring.
 Leach plant control.
 Electroplating control system.
Crystallization plant control.
Irrigation multi-acid pH control system.
Distributed ammonia gas monitoring system.
Stack gas acid monitoring system.
Automated acid dilution system.
High current galvanostatic/potentiostatic measurement control system.
Fabric dying control system.
Cheese factory cleaning cycle and pasteurizer monitoring.
Bacterial growth control system.
Multiple motor current monitoring system.
Can be used with the Process Signal Multiplexer to expand the number of analogue inputs - up to 64 analogue inputs at very low cost.
Second improved version now available - proven first design introduced eight years ago.
Imbedded firmware can be adapted to suit particular applications for medium to higher volume applications.
Customised applications for use without a PC also available with Ethernet connectivity.
Comprehensive collection of application notes.
Applications include radio communications and ethernet connection using an interface adaptor.
E-mail reports, SMS alarms and status reporting.
Remote dial-up.
Viewing and control over networks.
Can be used with any of our other 12 plus Remote Magic products

Customized applications can be developed using Visual Basic, Delphi and C.
An Active-X Control is also available for the Remote Magic Family Interface which allows direct use with Microsoft Excel, Visual Basic, C or any other Windows program which supports Active-X.
The MCI is useful in any laboratory where simple logging or control is required using a personal computer. In this case the user can write a program to do exactly the job required.
Communications signal isolation affords protection of the controlling equipment against high  industrial potentials, surges and spikes.
Eighteen front panel LEDs can be controlled and used to indicate various things.
The MCI can be located simply on a desktop or screwed vertically to a panel. For permanent mounting, four holes are provided in the MCI bottom corners for bolting the MCI securely vertically or horizontally.
  • Combined Analogue and Digital I/O RS232/RS485 and USB connection to a PC, network, SCADA system, PLC or controller.
  • Analog Inputs - eight 0-10 V or 0/4-20 mA (others on request).
  • 16 bit.
  • Four relay outputs - 230 VAC 10 A.
  • Two solid state relay outputs 20 to 230 VAC 3 A.
  • Eight digital inputs.
  • Eight digital outputs.
  • High speed 16 bit counter.
  • Three analogue outputs, one 12 bit and two isolated, externally powered.
  • 16 bit.
  • Two pulse width modulated outputs.
  • 18 LED outputs with flashing option.
  • Three large LED system status indicators.
  • Four push button inputs.
  • LED indication of all digital inputs and outputs.
  • Communications activity LEDs.
  • Communications fail relay output with LED indication - hardware controlled.
  • Isolated 24 VDC 200 mA regulated auxiliary power supply for powering external devices.
  • Robust industrial enclosure.
  • Plug-in screw terminal connections.
  • Serial interface galvanically isolated from the MCI inputs and outputs.
  • Danntech RMF ASCII and MODBUS RTU.
  • Auxiliary connections for 18 relay outputs and 22 digital inputs.
Laboratory  - Controlling of experiments, logging of results for analysis using other applications, dynamic display of experimental results, temperature profile control.
Products Testing  -  Production line quality assurance, linearity measurements of input-output devices, logging of temperature performance, monitoring of products undergoing burn-in.
Energy Management  -  Logging of energy consumption, switching of reactive compensators, warning and monitoring of maximum demand, controlled load shedding, timed switching.
Test and Measurement Systems  -  Easy integration with Labview and other block diagram type programs. Direct program control provides sophisticated control of purpose designed equipment. We can write specialized software to suit your application.
Process Control -  Level control, PID loops, temperature control, system monitoring and logging - direct interface to most SCADA systems.
Education -  Waveform generation, introductory computer control, PID and ON/OFF control system design, very low frequency synthesis, easy to use I/O platform for projects, full PC source code for integration into new applications.

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