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Vodex-100/A Velocity of Detonation Measuring Instrument

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The VODEX- 100A does not rely on small resistance changes in the probe and thus is not affected by electrical noise generated by the detonation front. Galvanic isolation between the sensing circuitry and the microprocessor ensures reliable operation.  
Each of the VODEX-100A’s eight timers can be triggered by either a short circuit or an open circuit. It can, therefore, also be used as a general purpose timer to accurately record other types of dynamic phenomena, for example ballistics.  
The VODEX-100A consists of sophisticated electronic circuitry housed in a rugged polycarbonate enclosure with an integral 16 key keypad and a forty character by four line liquid crystal display (LCD). It is powered by an internal rechargeable battery. The sensor cable is connected to the unit via a re-usable trunk cable and a robust plug mounted on the side of the unit. Internally, the VODEX-100 uses eight high speed timer circuits which measure the time intervals between the change in conductivity at each sensor. A supervising microprocessor circuit controls the counting operation and calculates VODs, stores recorded data and provides the means to communicate with DOS or Windows compatible computers.  
Up to 50 VOD tests can be recorded by the Vodex-100A without overwriting previously recorded data. The test results are held in non-volatile memory so they are retained when the unit is switched off. The date and time of each test is automatically recorded from the built-in real time clock. Optional PC compatible software allows data from the VODEX-100A to be transferred to a PC for analysis, graphical presentation and permanent storage.  The built-in firmware in the VODEX-100A is designed for easy use in the field with simple menus to guide the user through the different operations. Operating principle of the VODEX-100A (only four of the eight channels are illustrated).
The positions of the measurement points are user selected and are made by positioning individual pairs of open-circuit wires at the desired points in an explosives column. Readymade ribbon sensor cables to user specified length can be supplied which can be prepared by cutting back individual pairs to the desired length.
  • Simplify explosive quality control testing in the field.
  • Measure VOD of confined or unconfined charges of any length or diameter; surface or underground.
  • Determine minimum primer size, gap sensitivities, performance of decks and the effects of contaminants in explosives.
  • Evaluate timing of multiple blasts.
  • Results available immediately after measurement.
  • Eight channels enable VOD measurements of single or multiple holes in a blast.
  • Does not require the use of expensive fibre optic cables.
  • Records test layout, setups, time and date for each test.
  • Optional user friendly PC software for saving and documenting results, printing graphs, tables, etc.

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