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Dual Joystick Controller with Video Display

Code: PR-0091

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Designed originally for remote camera control in the film industry, this controller can be used for any servomotor or servo-valve control applications. Each controller manages two servo motors - one for "pan" and the other for "tilt". Two joysticks are used for setting the motor speed and direction with a TFT display for monitoring the camera picture.
  • Supply voltage - 12 V nominal - (10.2 to 13.8 V - automotive).
  • Motor current - 1.9 A nominal, 2 A max.
  • Forward and reverse control using two joysticks. The control is open-loop - i.e. speed, but we can be adapted for "torque-type" of control using the motor current. Position control is also a possibility using a shaft encoder fitted to the servo motors.
  • Left joystick - tilt (up and down), right joystick pan (left to right).
  • Joystick factory calibration to set up the maximum and the minimum - in calibration mode.
  • Joystick to be contactless type with return to centre spring positioning, protective boot and round knob.
  • Joysticks used are two axis type with only one axis used for the control, the other axis is not used.
  • The enclosure is Satin-Black powder-coated mild steel with rounded corners and suitable front panel decal. Size - 310 x 170 x 50 mm (width x height x thickness), excluding additional dimension required by joysticks, potentiometer controls and connectors.
  • All cable connections at top of enclosure except power in which is at the bottom.
  • Camera Head connector (6 pin female - type Neutrik 6 Pin Chassis Female, NC-6/FP-1.  Pin 1 - Pan Motor +ve, pin 2 - Pan Motor -ve, pins 3 & 4 - not used, pin 5 -  Tilt Motor -ve, pin 6 - Tilt Motor +ve) to be used for power control to each motor. A six core cable (>1mm2 conductors) will be required to connect to the Camera Head.
  • +12 VDC power in connector (4 pin male - type Neutrik Chassis Male, NC-4/MP) to be on right hand side bottom to suit belt fitting battery pack. Pin 1 - 0 Vin, pin 4  - +12 VDC in, pin 2 - RS232 TX and pin 3 - RS232 RX.
  • ON/OFF rocker switch at top right of enclosure with power on green LED on the front panel will indicate that the unit is ON.
  • Potentiometer adjustments with graduations for:
    Maximum motor speed (motor current).
    Ramping rate (maximum acceleration).
    Joystick deadband adjustment.
  • Separate adjustment controls for each joystick.
  • 16:9 format LCD screen video monitor.
  • Clear polycarbonate window for protection and sealing of LCD screen.
  • Input for LCD screen is standard video input - PAL compatible.
  • BNC connector provided for video input from the camera.
  • A BNC connector also provided for video output to a reference monitor which is buffered/amplified to ensure 75 Ω impedance matching and correct signal levels (1 Vpk-pk).

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